The final round of the DH World Cup series for 2022 and it's come down to the wire for Commencal-Muc-Off with the team still looking to take the overall in both the men's and women's elite field. Coming a week after that insane World Champs race at Les Gets, it feels like a lot riders will be out for redemption including Commencal-Muc-Off's Thibaut Dapréla.

Across the season we’ll be running through each rider and checking out their Filthy Product Picks…Enjoy!

 Thibaut Dapréla

In 2019, Thibaut won every round of the Junior World Cup circuit before coming second overall in Elite in 2021. Missing out only to injury, attending the final round to take claim his trophy on the podium - on crutches. Whilst 2022 hasn't been Titi's most successful he's really dialled his consistency, and getting down in one piece!

Titi’s Filthy Product Picks:

1. Foam Fresh

- "My favourite product for sure is the Foam Fresh. When you train a lot and your helmet and protection start smelling so bad, it's good to feel fresh again!"

2. Antibacterial Chamois Cream

- "My second favourite is the Antibacterial Chamois Cream because otherwise when I'm doing two hours or more on the road bike my arse gets sore so it’s so good to always feel comfortable!"

3. Bike Protect

- "The third is Bike Protect - my bike looks clean and shiny, and it's protected at the same time. I love it; I use it every time I clean my bike"

Titi’s Filthy Picks are on offer with 20% here with code COMMENCAL20

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