Q: How did you first get into riding?

A: I started riding as a kid on the Isle of Skye. I would drive to school on my bike, visit friends and started to learn the odd trick along the way. I didn’t discover street trials until I was a teenager.

Q: You’ve travelled all over the world. Where is the best place for riding that you’ve visited?

A: There have been so many great places. Apart from Scotland, the Alps are a favourite; Graubünden in Switzerland has mind-blowing scenery. The trails around Santa Cruz, California, are also great fun.

Q: Unicycle or penny-farthing?

A: Penny-Farthing. Two-wheels are better than one.

Q: What’s the one bit of advice you would give to a young rider looking to get into street trials?

A: The cool thing about trials is that it can be done on any bike. Obviously doing it on a trials bike will help a lot, but most of the basics can be done on any bike. My advice would be to stick to it. A lot of people who start riding trials get put off because the initial moves don't come so easily, but if you keep on going then you'll develop a whole new way of looking at the world.

Q: Which three celebrities would you pick to star in one of your videos, with the aim of breaking YouTube?

A: Jackie Chan, Usain Bolt and Will Ferrell.

Q: You have fans all over the world. What’s the strangest gift that you’ve ever received?

A: The strangest gift is probably a pillow with my face on it, which at the time I thought was strange. It turned out that to be quite handy when I was on my way to a surf resort north of Manila.

Q: What would you be doing right now if you hadn’t gotten in to riding?

A: Not sure, really. I can’t remember a time of not being into bikes or biking. Maybe a mechanic of some sort, seeing as I used to work as a bike mechanic before my professional trials career.

Q: Favourite tipple in the morning? Favourite tipple in the evening?

A: A cup of tea in the morning. Red Bull in the evening, if I’m out riding.

Q: What trick have you looked at and thought “nope”?

A: Bar spin crank flip.

Q: How do you come up with the ideas for “never before seen” tricks?

A: I am always trying to come up with concepts or storylines for my videos as well as riding these days. Once I come up with a good concept, I try and come up with tricks that tie the whole idea together.

Q: You’ve been running the Drop and Roll Tour since 2014 with Ali Clarkson, Duncan Shaw and Fabio Wibmer. What’s it like working every day with the guys?

A: Spending time doing something you love doing and with good friends is a dream job. It’s great touring the world with them and riding in so many different countries. They are top class street trials professionals but, more importantly, we have been friends for a very long time.

Q: Fast forward 20 years – what is Danny MacAskill doing?

A: I am fairly confident I will be working with bikes in one way or another.