Ever fancied speed-dating one of our Muc-Off athletes? Well this is probably as close as you’ll ever get to do this… Welcome to ‘Getting Muc-y with…’, our brand-new series where we dive into their world and ask them the all-important questions (all the while satisfying your short attention span).

Today we catch up with Duncan Shaw, trials extraordinaire and full-time stuntman for the Drop and Roll Tour. Duncan’s one of the nicest and most handsome Scottish blokes you’ll ever meet, hands down. He’s also pretty handy on anything two-wheeled.

Could you describe yourself in three words for those who don’t know you (yet)?

Scottish Trials Rider. Sorry that is boring!

What’s your typical morning routine?

Because I am away so much I don’t really have a typical morning routine, but when I am at home in Scotland I do my best (with varying success) to get up at a good hour, eat some healthy breakfast, drink a coffee and do some emails and a bit of work on my laptop before planning where to ride that afternoon.

Favourite riding spots? And why?

I have been lucky to get to ride some pretty awesome spots across the world these past few years. One place that stood out recently, was an abandoned waterpark we stumbled across in the Mojave Desert when we were driving from LA to Las Vegas. Luckily, we made some time to film and a video from there is coming soon…

How does it feel to be taking the Drop and Roll Tour to the Edinburgh Fringe?

The past few years touring the world have been an absolute blast but at the same time, it has been a shame not to do more shows at home in Scotland. Danny and I have both spent time living in Edinburgh and have talked about how cool it would be to do shows for the festival, so to finally be making it happen makes me excited and nervous at the same time.

You’re most famous as a trials rider, but we know you’re more than just that. What other bikes do you enjoy taking for a spin? And how do you feel each riding style help you develop as a rider overall?

Living in a city, my day to day ride is my trials bike but more recently I have been absolutely loving riding my mountain bike. It’s always good to ride as many disciplines as you can and expand your skill set.

Describe riding bikes in three words.

Fun as hell!

Any pre or post ride routines?

Pre-ride is a coffee and watch an inspiring video part to get the motivation pumping.

Post-ride, depending on how hard I have gone I usually just chill for a bit and try and eat some healthy food to refuel.

Spirit animal?

Hmm that’s a hard one. Maybe a rabbit because I like…. Hopping around haha!

What music is on your playlist at the moment?

Right now? I’ve been listening to Metallica loads because I watched a recent live performance of theirs and got right back into them. Rock on 🤘

Most important question so far… How often do you clean your bike?

It depends really. I clean my MTB every time I ride and then the Trials bike maybe once every two weeks and before every show.

Favourite Muc-Off products? Is there a difference in your summer and winter line up?

My go-to is the original Pink Cleaner for both bikes (also known as Nano Tech Bike Cleaner). I don’t mix things up too much by season. Just generally like to keep both bikes clean, lubed and protected at all times.

I was also lucky enough to get my hands on one of the first ever Muc-Off Pressure Washers so I have been loving using that recently for both my Trials and Mountain Bike.

Who’s your current favourite rider?

Oh, that’s a tough one. There is a rider John Langlois from France who is absolutely crushing it on the trials bike. Seriously, check him out. The tricks he is dropping daily are mind-blowing. He has come from a BMX background so has been mixing whips and bar spins with trials and the result is insane.

You travel lots for work (you lucky thing). Where’s life taking you next?

We’ve had a pretty busy 12 months of travel taking me all over the world to Australia, Asia and America. With the Edinburgh Festival coming up we are now going to spend the next two months at home in Scotland before finishing the summer off in Germany for shows in Dusseldorf and Eurobike. Can’t wait!