Ever fancied speed-dating one of our Muc-Off athletes? Well this is probably as close as you’ll ever get to do this… Welcome to ‘Getting Muc-y with…’, our brand-new series where we dive into their world and ask them the all-important questions (all the while satisfying your short attention span).

This week, we catch up with the one and only Tahnee Seagrave.

Tahnee should need no introduction, but for those who just don’t know (seriously?), here goes. We call her the Princess of Downhill, because she loves pink (like us), and along with a handful of other riders, dominates the world of female downhill racing right now.

After securing the number 1 plate for the first time in her career, she headed to the UCI Fort William DH World Cup on June 1st with confidence, but sadly suffered a nasty crash in practice. She’s now in recovery mode after surgery, and we thought we’d utilise the time she’s not spending shredding gnars to answer a few questions for us.

Could you describe yourself in three words for those who don’t know you (yet)? 

Opportunist, driven and ever-so-slightly stubborn ;)

What’s your typical morning routine?

I wake up, go and annoy my dog with kisses and cuddles then poach some eggs and obviously gotta post them on Instagram for #poachwars!

Favourite trails? And why?

I mean, you can’t beat the French Alps. I grew up there and have had some insane times recently with mates.

You seem to have tackled your post-crash recovery head on and with lots of positive energy (we’re mega impressed), where’s your headspace at right now?

Thanks! It’s not easy at all but with something like this, being negative and moping would only delay my recovery so I’m trying hard to make the most out of every day! Every day I feel a little better and everyone around me is so supportive so I’m in pretty good spirits.

What’s the objective for the remainder of the season (aside from healing fast!)?

I want to try and get back racing before the end of the season, but I’d only do that if I’m 100% healthy and race ready! I don’t do things half-heartedly!

You do a lot of other sports/exercise off the DH rig, could you talk us through a few of the things you do and how it helps with racing?

I love anything that is a challenge or gives me an adrenaline rush. Snowboarding, motorbikes, skateboarding, climbing… anything that keeps you stoked will help towards your racing!

Describe mountain biking in three words. 

Scary, challenging, but most of all SO FUN!

Any pre or post ride routines?

Drum and bass and play fights with the boys haha.

Spirit animal?

A sloth.

What music is on your playlist at the moment?

Lots of drum and bass!

Most important question so far… How often do you clean your bike?

(Almost) After every ride ;)

Favourite Muc-Off products? Is there a difference in your summer and winter line up?

Ok so the Muc-Off Waterless Wash is a life saver but when I do have access to water the new Pressure Washer is a game changer! Plus… it’s PINK. The only differences are the lubes I use. Obviously, we have very wet winters in the UK…

Toughest question: who’s your favourite rider right now? Kaos or Kade?

Hahaha I can’t possibly answer! They both have very different and unique styles but their stoke to just go out and shred inspires me so much!

Thanks for the chat Tahnee. It was real.