How to check your bike before your ride

1. Correct Tyre Pressures

Before you go riding, it is essential that you check your tyre pressure to ensure you have a safe ride! Every tyre has a recommended psi that should be written on the sidewall of your tyre. You'll need to make sure your tyre is within this recommended psi to reduce the likelihood of having an accident or getting a puncture. Depending on which valves you have, a Schrader or Presta, you will need to invest in a pump that will fit your valve type. When out riding, it’s a good idea to carry a CO2 inflator with you should you need to top-up your tyres with more air.

2. Check your wheels are fastened

There are different ways in which wheels are fastened to bikes, the most common type is a quick-release skewer. This is what holds your wheels in place on the bike. To check they are fastened, open and close the levers before every ride to make sure they are tight and closed. Remember to check both your front and rear wheels!

3. Check your brakes

Let’s face it, when you’re out riding you don’t want to suddenly find that your brakes aren’t working, so it is important to check them before you leave. Elevate your bike with either a stand or someone holding it up, spin your front and back wheels separately and then pull your break levers to make sure your brake pads squeeze each side of the wheel and don’t rub on the rim of the wheel.

4. Handlebars and stems are tight

Before your ride, it is particularly important you check your handlebar and stem bolts to check they are tight enough to avoid any accidents! Grab your multi tool or allen key and pop it in the bolts to check you do not have any movement.

5. Check your saddle is the correct height

To get your seat post to the correct height you'll need to undo the seat clamp and move it in to the position you need it in. Then, use a multi-tool or allen key to re-tighten the seat clamp to the correct toque. A good guide is to place your heel on the pedal in the six o’clock position. Your knee should be completely straight.

How to keep your bike ride smoother

6. Clean your chain

Keeping your chain clean is one important step to ensure you have a smoother ride! Having a dirty chain is going to impact your chain-ring, cassette, and drive components. One simple and easy way to clean it is using our Bio Chain Cleaner and Chain Doc. Pop it over the chain and pull down the lever. Once you have done this, squirt the Bio Chain Cleaner and backpedal, ensuring you cover every link.

7. Dry your Chain

Next, you will need to dry your chain with our Microfibre Cloth. Wrap it around the chain and give it a good wipe ready for the next stage!

8. Lube your Chain

The next step is applying lube to your chain. The lube you use will be dependent on the weather conditions you ride in. Our Bio Dry Lube is designed to be used in dry conditions, whereas our Bio Wet Lube is designed to be used for wet conditions. It is super easy to use! Apply a little bit of lube to each link by running it underneath the chain, backpedalling at the same time. Make sure you cover every link!

9. Wipe off any excess Lube

The final step is to wipe off any excess lube with our Microfibre Cloth. Put the cloth nicely around the chain and give it a wipe until all the excess lube has come off.