23 days, 21 stages, 218 riders covering 3,480 km each.

It’s time for the biggest race of them all: Le Tour de France is now underway!

In the run up to the Grand Depart in Brussels we caught up with Team INEOS to get an insight into some of the behind-the-scenes stats for their lap of France. From bikes to bidons, you'll be surprised at how much is involved in keeping the team performing at its best during the three week event.

Nano Tech Bike Cleaner:  40L of Bike Cleaner sounds like a lot to lug around France! Thankfully the team is using our Bike Cleaner Concentrate to save weight, space and plastic. This translates as only 10L in 2 x 5L drums.

Bio Drivetrain Cleaner: When Muc-Off came on board with the team, one of the top priorities was to develop a drivetrain cleaning solution that worked quickly, efficiently and was safe for everyday use. After many hours of research and development, we came out with our biodegradable Drivetrain Cleaner. It's now one of our top-selling products worldwide! The mechanics go through around 4L of the stuff over the 23 days at Le Tour. 

Hydrodynamic Lube: Another product we developed in collaboration with Team INEOS... This one was born out of the riders' need for a lube that didn't wash off in the wet, but also didn't pick up dust and grime in the dry. More importantly, they needed a lube that would withstand the changing weather conditions especially found in the mountain stages, over hundreds of kilometres at a time. The team will pedal their way through almost 3,500 km of our Hydrodynamic Lube over the 21 stages of le Tour. 

With the first few stages already done and dusted, we're looking forward to seeing if Team INEOS can not only bring a Stage Win home, but another Grand Tour title too...