How did you get into freeriding?

Actually, I had to quit snowboarding because of a serious knee injury, started racing bikes but didn't really feel home at it which turned me into a freerider right away. Since then I loved it more and more over the years and I still do 100%!

What are your favourite Muc-Off products?

LOVE The Mechanics Mug haha! No seriously I really love the classic Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner! I do use this a lot and it really works well and super easy. I also love the Bio Dry Lube.

What bikes are you currently using?

I am mainly using the MERIDA Bikes 1.20 All Mountain Bike to go pedal, train and also for some longer tours and the MERIDA 1.60 Enduro Bike that allows me to pedal up but is also capable of some serious downhill trails and freeride terrain.

Around those two main weapons, I am super thankful to have the option to switch to a 1.40 and also a long travel DH and FR bike. All depends on what I am up to.

What are your goals for the year?

I will again travel the world to simply ride my bike as much as I can because this is what I like about it most, but I am also already working on some special like my first Descent Ride down the Pyramids of Gizah - "Wonder of the World" a few years ago.

I am also super stoked and proud to be able to finally work on a new art project I wanted to do since years. Freeride Mountainbiking means a lot more to me than just riding bikes. It's passion, it´s love, it's freedom, it's lifestyle.

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What does the partnership mean for you?

Actually, it means a lot to me. It´s not just that I have the opportunity to use all those professional bike and athlete care products that really helps me to get through my daily business, it´s also about having found new friends and having a cool brand behind me that keeps me motivated day-by-day.

Any tips for newbies?

Get out and never ever stop having fun riding your bike. Also: feel free to ride your bike the way you like it most! It´s called "FREE" ride right?

Don´t let yourself be pushed by others too much but find your own personal way to have a good time. Mountain biking is giving us endless opportunities. No limits. Don't limit yourself.

Favourite place you’ve travelled to?

It´s always the place I´ve not been to yet that is the most interesting! :) let´s start a new adventure as soon as any possible! #mybiketakesmeplaces