POOLE 08/04/2022, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Muc-Off, the global leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care, are excited to announce the launch of a new and totally unique Bike Insurance product.

In another first for the Poole-based brand, Muc-Off have partnered with Insurance intermediary NextGen, to produce bike cover like no other, offering a number of features and benefits, that are set to shake up the world of bike insurance.

Benefits such as insurance premiums that never increase on renewal for the same risk, as well as up to £100 free upgrade cover, meaning riders can upgrade their bikes to more expensive models, and their policy may not increase in price. These game-changing features come in addition to the typical offerings expected, such as theft cover, home and away, plus a multi-bike discount of up to 25%, as the majority of the brand’s customers own multiple bikes. Those who pay annually can save up to two months of insurance premium, there’s a no-claims discount, and European and worldwide cover are all included in premiums as standard.

Beyond insuring their bike, riders also get £15,000 of personal accident cover, in the event that they seriously injure themselves whilst out riding plus every policy comes with third party liability cover up to £1m. Cyclists are also covered in the event of accidental damage to their bike or accessories; and if repairs are needed, riders can choose to get an estimate from a repair shop of their choice, subject to them being authorised. If that wasn’t enough, riders will even receive a temporary hire bike for up to 10 days, so they can get back on two wheels as quickly as possible.

"As always, we’re stoked to have found a new way to improve the experience of owning and maintaining a bike. Working in partnership with NextGen on a move into bike insurance is the next step on that journey for us. We’ve all had bike insurance ourselves here, and most of us have been frustrated by their limitations, so we knew what we didn’t want from a policy! Working through the potential cover options with NextGen, we all got super-excited about giving the industry the major shakeup we think it needs! We’re proud of what we’ve been able to create together, and we know our customers will love it!" – Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off.

Alan Hickman, Founder at NextGen said “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Muc-Off on this new and innovative product. Muc-Off offer superb products to dedicated customers that this insurance offering will really appeal to. We’re pleased to continue to offer the next generation of insurance products to enthusiasts that just want to get out and ride, knowing they’re covered.”

The launch comes at an important time for riders, as the number of bikes purchased, and in turn, the numbers of bikes being stolen has soared following the recent global pandemic. In a recent study undertaken by Direct Line Insurance*, it was found that between March and November 2020, over 32,700 bikes were stolen in UK. Over a full calendar year that equates to over 50,000 thefts, and with Direct Line also stating 71% of bikes stolen are never reported, the true yearly UK bike theft total is likely to exceed 150,000!

"A significant increase in bicycle sales (over a million during the first national lockdown) will likely result in an increase to the number of bicycle thefts during 2021/22. A number of bike insurance policies out there don’t provide adequate cover for riders, so for us at NextGen, it was important to us that we worked with a highly credible, forward-thinking company, that shared our views and wanted to create something truly game changing. Muc-Off provided incredible insight into what riders demand from their products, and together we’ve applied their core values to the world of Insurance." – Alan Hickman, Founder at NextGen.

With a whole host of game-changing benefits, Muc-Off continues to improve rider experience. From Bike Cleaner to technical riding kit, from Chamois Cream and now to Bike Insurance, they really do have riders well and truly covered!

Muc-Off Bike Insurance is available to UK customers, exclusively at Muc-Off.com.

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Press Contact:
Steve Fearn, Global Bicycle PR & Communications Manager
T +44779 547 3002 E sf@muc-off.com

About Muc-Off:
Back in 1991 Rex and Marilyn Trimnell got things started with X-Lite UK. After designing and manufacturing the world’s first twin crown bicycle fork, Rex created a perfectly pink spray to clean his kit. To make a long story short, Rex’s cleaner was the best thing since sliced bread, and it wasn’t long before word got out and Muc-Off was born. Fast-forward to now and Muc-Off is now the go-to brand for top riders. And, in case you haven’t noticed, they do a bit more than our original pink cleaner these days.

• *https://www.directlinegroup.co.uk/en/news/brand-news/2020/lockdown-bike-crime-spree--estimated-113-000-bikes-stolen-since-.html