POOLE 02.11.2023 - Muc-Off, the global leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care and performance, is excited to announce the launch of its new silicon infused (Si) Ceramic Protection Kit.


Providing unmatched levels of protection for up to two years, the new (Si) Ceramic Protection Kit enters at the top-tier of Muc-Off’s Protection range and becomes the first product to launch under the brand’s ‘Technical Series’ umbrella. The range, which is predominantly targeted at enthusiasts, offers the latest innovation in bike care technology, and brings pro-level performance to everyday riders.

The (Si) Ceramic Coating is a unique formula which uses a hydrophobic chemically bonded defence system to drastically reduce surface tension. This means maximum water and dirt repelling properties, as well as armour-like protection against light surface scratches on all bikes and motorbikes.


Meticulously crafted to be multifaceted in purpose, the (Si) Ceramic Protection Kit preserves paint finishes by minimising micro scratches and reducing paint fade from UV rays. This enhances the overall aesthetic and helps to retain value, and thanks to the hydrophobic surface the subsequent reduced dirt adhesion cuts down drastically on day-to-day maintenance.



As with all high-performance launches, Muc-Off has invested hundreds of hours in testing and development. This included scratch testing to understand the level of impact the coating can withstand, as well as accelerated wash testing to measure the surface breakdown across a range of cleaning solutions over time. This in-house testing was complemented with extensive real-world testing, which included application on dozens of team bikes from Muc-Off’s sponsored teams such as INEOS Grenadiers, EF Education-Easypost and Commencal//Muc-Off, all of which feature different paint finishes. ​ This testing allowed the team to micro-adjust the formula to create a product which delivers maximum protection performance.


"At Muc-Off, innovation is in our DNA, constantly striving to maximise performance for all riders, and our new (Si) Ceramic Protection Kit is our latest example of that. We’re stoked for riders to experience the long-lasting protection capabilities of this innovative formula. This is the beginning of an exciting period for us, as we develop our Technical Series and continue to make elite-level performance accessible for every rider." Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off.

Each (Si) Ceramic Protection Kit contains everything required for application: 50ml Surface Preparation Spray, 15ml Ceramic Coating, Microfibre Applicator Pad, as well as Luxury Microfibre Polishing Cloths. Quick and easy to apply, the coating is suitable for both gloss and matt finishes on various surfaces, from paintwork and carbon fibre to metal components and vinyl.



In line with Muc-Off’s ongoing commitment to the environment, the (Si) Ceramic Protection Kit’s packaging is comprised of a cardboard outer box, glass ceramic treatment bottle, and PET clear frame preparation bottle, all of which are recyclable and therefore carry Muc-Off’s Project Green stamp of sustainability.


(Si) Ceramic Protection Kit is priced at £55.00 / €65.00 / $69.99 and is available now (USA availability from 12th Dec) exclusively from www.muc-off.com.






Steve Fearn, Senior Marketing Communications Manager.

T +44779 547 3002 E sf@muc-off.com 





Back in 1991 Rex and Marilyn Trimnell got things started with X-Lite UK. After designing and manufacturing the world’s first twin crown bicycle fork, Rex created a perfectly pink spray to clean his kit. To cut a long story short, Rex’s cleaner was the best thing since sliced bread, and it wasn’t long before word got out and Muc-Off was born.

Fast-forward to now and Muc-Off is the go-to brand for top riders. And, in case you haven’t noticed, we do a bit more than our original pink cleaner these days.

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