Muc-Off, the leading bike and athlete performance brand, launches exclusive eBike range in the United States.

The leading manufacturer of bicycle cleaning and maintenance products worldwide has launched a brand-new range of specific cleaning, protection & lubricant products; designed specifically for use with eBikes and developed with the unique needs of an eBike in mind.

The range includes:

  • eBike Waterless Wash 750ml
  • eBike Dry Chain Cleaner 500ml
  • eBike All Weather Chain Lube 400ml
  • Ceramic Wet Weather eBike Lube 50ml
  • Ceramic Dry Weather eBike Lube 50ml

The Waterless Wash and Dry Chain Cleaner allow your eBike to be cleaned, degreased and detailed, whilst taking away the need to rinse with water - a critical feature when washing electrical components.

The All Weather, Ceramic Wet and Dry Weather lubes have been developed to withstand the high torque that lubes are put through on an eBike chain, keeping your e-machine running smoother for longer. We have formulated our specific lube range to include our unique eBike lubricity additive pack that laughs in the face of the extra torque to withstand a beating from even the most powerful eBike drivetrains.

These state-of-the-art formulas all offer class-leading corrosion protection and are highly efficient in reducing friction, to ensure that maximum power goes into the drivetrain.

Whether you are smashing out the road miles, nailing technical trails, or just enjoying a ride in the sunshine, our eBike care range has you covered.

Muc-Off Managing Director, Alex Trimnell said:

We’ve been serious about launching an eBike range for years, but our passion for innovating products that genuinely solve problems meant that we were only prepared to come to market once we had a range that we knew was useful and relevant for eBike riders.

Every product in the Muc-Off eBike range is unique and different from our core range and has been developed to meet the real needs of eBike riding.

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