POOLE 21.07.2021, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Muc-Off the global leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care, are excited to announce huge new plastic-saving targets as part of their ongoing Project Green initiative – to save over 200 tonnes of plastic by 2023!

Back in 2020, Muc-Off set themselves the ambitious challenge of eliminating over 30 tonnes of plastic from their products by 2023. 18 months ahead of target, they’ve saved in excess of 94 tonnes.

Smashing that old target has made way for a bigger and even more ambitious 200 tonnes saved by 2023, more than six times more than the previous goal.

For Muc-Off, a brand that continues to push their sustainability agenda, having a trackable, yet challenging target is key to ensuring they are doing more than ‘just enough’ for Mother Nature. Being environmentally friendly is not about just ticking boxes, it’s about creating a range of class-leading products, that change the game by marrying performance with sustainability.

"It’s awesome to have reached our latest milestone.  Our new target is to make sure that we’re continuing to push full steam ahead in our mission to save as much plastic as we can. We’ve made phenomenal progress in the last year, but there’s so much more work to do – keep an eye out for some game-changing green products that’ll be dropping very soon!" – Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off.

As with everything at Muc-Off, innovation is what drives them forward. A large part of their Project Green success has come from ‘levelling up’ existing products. A massive number of products have been updated from plastic packaging to recyclable cardboard, with a view to making the entire portfolio as green as possible. Classics like Muc-Off’s Premium Brush Kits and X3 Chain Machine are now shipped and sold in cardboard boxes, along with many more products next in line to get the plastic chop. But it’s not just plastic that’s being removed from Muc-Off products either, as they have removed PTFEs from all spray protectants and lubes. PTFEs can cause serious harm to wildlife when they drain into water sources, so developing alternative formulas has, and continues to be, a real passion-project for the company.

Project Green has succeeded in putting sustainability front and centre, both for Muc-Off as a business, and for their consumers – it’s become woven into their DNA. So when any new product is being created, its green credentials are always considered at the very first stage. With their new Project Green slogan ‘Sustainability Built In’ responsibility comes as standard and commitment is non-negotiable. It’s more than just a strapline, it’s a way of thinking and most importantly, doing, that Muc-Off has uncompromisingly subscribed to.

Refill stations are another key part of Muc-Off’s anti-plastic crusade. The brand now has 2000 refill stations worldwide, in both bicycle and powersports retailers. Customers can take their empty Nano Tech Bike Cleaner bottles and fill up with fresh cleaner, all while saving on plastic consumption and their hard-earned cash compared to buying a new bottle. The brand will be expanding its refill offering too, with lubes soon to be available in refill form, and more Muc-Off fan-favourites to follow. Eco-conscious cyclists can use Muc-Off’s handy refill-shop finder.

Muc-Off will continue to throw their weight behind groups like 1% for the Planet and Trash Free Trails. With more partnerships in the pipeline, the brand are looking to highlight the key global environmental challenges, as part of their commitment to keeping our playground clean for future shredders. 

With more epic ultra-green products on the horizon and a fresh target to aim for, this is just the beginning for the Muc-Off’s fight back against plastic.


Press Contact:

Steve Fearn, Global Bicycle PR & Communications Manager  

T +44779 547 3002 E sf@muc-off.com