Just a year ago, we released B.A.M! – our very own Bottled Air Magic.

As the name suggests, it was designed to repair and inflate your tyres as if by magic, allowing you to get on with your ride in a matter of minutes. The thing is, we all know magic isn’t real (spoiler alert), and there’s always a trick to what at first seems impossible.

B.A.M! is no exception. The trick is called ‘science’, and it’s something we invested heavily into when developing our repair & inflate solution.

So what’s B.A.M! made of, and why does it work so well?

B.A.M! quickly inflates and repairs punctures at the same time by injecting latex foam and compressed air into your tubeless tyre or inner tube to offer the perfect emergency backup.

The advanced synthetic latex-based formula quickly finds its way into any punctures to seal them up. The latex particles in the foam then transform to a solid to seal the hole, and the compressed air inflates your tyre at the same time to get you back riding in no time. Bottled Air Magic!

B.A.M! contains no ammonia either which means it’s compatible with our No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Sealant as well as most others on the market.

It fits on all presta valves, seals holes up to 3-4mm and will inflate up to about 90psi for a road tyre, or 35psi on MTB/Gravel tyres.

Want a couple tips to ensure your emergency repair goes smoothly? Follow the guidelines below and you’ll be back on the trail/road in no time.

  • Spot the hole and do your best to clear it out of any debris (watch out for sharp objects)
  • Remove the valve cap, open the valve core to ensure airways are clear and after giving your can a good shake, install the B.A.M! nozzle onto the valve at a 12 o’clock position.
  • While keeping your can of B.A.M! in line with the valve, push up firmly enough to let the sealant flow freely into your tyre/tube/tubular.
  • If a hole is quite large, you can hold your finger over the hole to help the sealant cure while B.A.M! is inflating your tyre.

It’s a one-time use can, but because it creates a permanent fix, you won’t need to get home and replace or repair the tube or tyre – unlike some other ‘get you home’ inflate and repair products on the market.