In this edition of Tech Tuesday, we dive into why our C3 Dry and Wet Lubes are some of the best around.

Our C3 range gives unrivalled drivetrain efficiency, high performance and long-lasting durability – plus it’s 95% biodegradable and can be used for road, cyclocross and MTB.

So how does ceramic improve lube?

Our C3 lubes contain Boron Nitride (which is an advanced synthetic ceramic material) nano/micro-particles that form a thin protective layer on the chain’s surface.

Because of the structure of the protective layers, they are able to reduce friction, which of course improves chain efficiency.

We’ve worked hard to make the performance of our C3 range as good as it can be, by creating the optimum size nanoparticles, structure and concentration – so no matter the conditions, you’ll always be running smoothly when you’re using a C3 lube.

The C3 range also provides some of our best-ever wear performance. That’s all thanks to the Boron Nitride which provides amazing durability and long-lasting performance.

What’s the difference between the Wet and Dry C3 Lubes?

We formulate our lubes to make sure you’re covered for every type of condition.


For our C3 Wet Lube it’s super important that the lube doesn’t wash away, no matter how damp the conditions are. That’s why the lube isn’t formulated with a large proportion of water-soluble ingredients – so your chain stays lubed no matter how much water gets thrown at it. Another challenge that comes with riding in wet conditions is corrosion. So we’ve upped the corrosion protection levels to keep that dreaded rust away.


With the C3 Dry Lube, there’s different challenges to tackle. Keeping corrosion at bay is important as the C3 Dry Lube is water-based, as water can kick-start corrosion. The lube is formulated to keep dust and other contaminants away. What’s really crucial in dry and dusty conditions is having low dirt attraction properties, so your chain is kept lubed at all times – something that the C3 Dry Lube excels at.

Both the C3 Dry and Wet Lubes have UV in their formulas, so you can use our UV torch to make sure you’ve hit every link in the chain.

So the next time you’re looking for a ultra-low friction lube for ultimate drive chain efficiency, high performance and durability, reach for a C3 Lube, you won’t regret it.