We’re back in business with another Tech Tuesday! Our regular feature where we get down and dirty on why our products are so damn good at what they do. This week we’re looking at the epic combination of Bike Protect and Disc Brake Covers, which give you all-round protection in more ways than one. Let’s go!

First up, why should I use Bike Protect?

Bike Protect is the ultimate liquid bicycle protection. It covers all the bases with its incredible formula that, due to its extremely high oil content, quickly and effectively disperses moisture, leaving a sparkling, non-sticky protective layer on your frame, drive chain and metal parts. It also prevents dirt adhesion and drives out excess water to keep rust and corrosion at bay. Basically, it’s the perfect spray for protecting your machine after it’s been cleaned.

What’s the deal with Disc Brake Covers?

When you’re using our all-round wonder spray that is Bike Protect, you can sometimes get overspray, even when you’re being extra careful! It’s crucial that you don’t get anything other than water, Nano Tech Cleaner or our disc brake cleaner on your brake discs, as this can cause issues. Once a solution like Bike Protect gets onto your disc, it’ll contaminate your pads and affect your braking performance. Your pads become less responsive due to a reduction in friction from the spray, so your braking power is reduced, and you won’t be stopping on a dime!

That’s why it’s crucial to whip out the Disc Brake Covers every time you’re spraying down your machine with a product like Bike Protect, as it’ll give you added peace of mind that the next time you’re out shredding, your brakes will be at the top of their game.

Anything else that’s rad about Disc Brake Covers?

We’ve built our Disc Brake Covers to last. They’re made from breathable neoprene that’s tough as nails – so you can keep on using your covers to protect from overspray, without impacting the environment – result!

We’re always looking for ways to make our packaging more eco-friendly, so we said ‘laters!’ to plastic foil lined heat-sealed bags! We’re all about cardboard packaging for our Disc Brake Covers – an easy plastic-reducing win!

Not only are Disc Brake Covers the enemy of overspray, but they’re also ideal for travelling. If you’re throwing a load of bikes in the back of a car or van, the last thing you want is a chip in your disc from a stray pedal, so throw on some Disc Brake Covers and you’ll be… covered!

That’s it for this edition, but check back soon for more techy insights from the team. In the meantime, grab yourself some Bike Protect right this way, and Disc Brake Covers here – so you’re fully prepared to clean and protect your steed after your next shred!