Welcome back to Tech Tuesday! Our regular segment where you can see the technology and science that goes into each and every one of our products. This week, we’re talking lube; but not just any lube – it’s our Hydrodynamic formula which was developed with Team Sky (now INEOS Grenadiers).

How did the Hydrodynamic Lube come about?

We were set the challenge of working with Team Sky, to produce a lube that performed like no other before it, one that could take on the toughest races and conditions. We even developed our own Chain Lube Efficiency Dynamometer (a first for any bike lube manufacturer) to quantify our results. After 15 variations, we landed on a pro-peloton-worthy formula.

It was born in 2014 and baptised at the most famous road race in the world, the Tour de France. In the worst weather conditions the Tour had seen in decades, our new lube passed with flying colours – proving that one lube really can do it all!

What makes it so special?

It’s hand-blended in the UK, with the finest ingredients to create a sophisticated, synergistic blend of esters coupled with aerospace-quality based oil lubrication, before being packed with ground-breaking extreme pressure additives. All this means it’s possible to create a high-strength, film-forming hydrophobic lubricant, which prevents metal-to-metal contact to ensure peak performance, even under the most extreme workloads that the likes of a pro peloton can throw at it.

This unique blend is what sets Hydrodynamic apart from its rivals. Thanks to this formula, it also doesn’t pick up dirt, dust and debris as easily as other standard wet or dry lubes, which is essential when you’re tackling some of the longest and toughest stages in the sport. It also sheds these contaminants from the chain more efficiently than the competitor products. This helps the chain stay cleaner for longer and keeps friction to a minimum – resulting in a smoother, more efficient ride.

Each handmade batch takes hours of painstaking work to deliver a highly advanced bicycle chain lubricant, reaching previously unattainable levels of lubrication and protection.

That’s it for this week’s Tech Tuesday edition. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Go grab a bottle of Hydrodynamic Lube here and get your drivetrain pro-peloton-ready – it could give you the marginal gains you’re looking for.