It's time for another Tech Tuesday! For this festive edition we’re looking at what makes our Miracle Shine one of the best things you can buy for your bike. With some incredible ingredients it protects, polishes and even fills scratches in your bike’s frame – how rad is that?

What gives the polish its excellent water-beading properties when applied to surfaces?

The waxes and silicones that are found in regular polishes will give a hydrophobic surface (basically make it repel water), but it’s all about the added Fluoro Polymer Technology that we’ve incorporated into the Miracle Shine formula, to give it that incredible water-beading finish. This gives us a special edge, as areas are covered with an invisible, microscopic coating, that repels water and any other nasty pollutants you don’t want hanging about on your bike frame.

What else does Miracle Shine do?

It’s not just water-beading that Miracle Shine does so well. It can even fill in scratches on your frame, with soft, non-cutting clays that after being buffed off, are sealed by the wax coating. Giving you longer lasting frame protection.

What gives it such a deep shine and helps protects your bike?

Our luxurious polish includes Carnauba Wax to give the that unreal deep shine we’re all after. The polish also contains very hard waxes for a long-lasting barrier that protects against atmospheric pollutants. This extends the life of your bike's finish by preventing the build-up of dirt and grime, so you’ll look fresher for longer – result!

What else is rad about our Miracle Shine?

Our unique formula contains a fusion of waxes and some other super advanced ingredients, to produce the best protective treatment around. The Carnauba Wax used has a high purity and is extracted from the Brazilian prunifera palm leaf. There are also silicone oils in the formula that make it easier to use. This is due to the lubricating effect on the surface when you’re buffing off the Miracle Shine.