Welcome back to Tech Tuesday!

This week we’re taking a look at what makes our world-famous Silicon Shine so good at repelling dirt and grime.

So how does this happen? Well, silicon oils are very poorly miscible with other oils, solvents or water. In simple terms, they don’t mix with other substances, like water or mud and actually repel them instead – which is what makes it so good and keeping nasty stuff off your frame and suspension.

So give your bike a spray before your next ride, and it’ll make cleaning up after much easier – you can thank us later!

Silicon Shine is also an excellent lubrication for moving parts like suspension. Keeping your fork stanchions well lubricated is vital, as it reduces the friction between the wiper seal and the stanchion, which improves small bump sensitivity and trail buzz as the friction is dramatically reduced. It also helps to keep dirt off the stanchion and seals, as the silicon repels dirt and grime and reduces the risk of contaminants getting into the wiper seal (and in turn your fork oil).

Silicon Shine is also fully compatible with fork seals and other rubber, so there’s no worries about damaging vital parts, just spray away! But always ensure parts are clean before using…

Start by hosing down thoroughly to remove any dirt, but make sure to not force water into the seals. Our Nano Tech Bike Cleaner can be used to remove any stubborn grime, then just rinse it off and dry with a clean cloth. You can then apply a light coating of Silicon Shine around the stanchion/wiper seal and you’re good to go. 

Another wicked benefit of Silicon Shine is the factory finish it leaves on surfaces. It can help freshen up some tired looking plastic or rubber, making it look brand new. This is thanks to the high silicon content, as this always give a good shine, but crucially, the lubricating film isn’t sticky to touch.

But it doesn’t stop there – Silicon Shine reduces moisture and protects against rust and corrosion too, so your parts will stay fresher for longer, which is what we always want! It’s also safe, as it’s a non-flammable oil and it smells incredible! That’s thanks to an added cherry pop fragrance concentrate, as who doesn’t want their bike to smell sweet?

It really is an incredible all-round spray, and a must-have for any rider. Bag yourself a can of this magic stuff here and check back next week for another instalment of Tech Tuesday. In the meantime, get out and shred!