It’s that time for another Tech Tuesday! Where we get all techy on what makes a load of different products so good at what they do. And in this edition, we’re taking a look at the sensationally strong, super-stretchy and supremely sticky Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape – let’s go!

We’ve heard of some people using household tapes for getting their rims ready to go tubeless, but that’s not a good idea! Our Tubeless Rim Tape is the result of 25 years of making the most bangin’ bike care products around. We went back to the drawing board time and time again before landing on a Blockbuster tape. That’s why you should always go Muc-Off and not knock-off!

What makes our Tubeless Rim Tape so sticky and stretchy?

The acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on our tape offers ultra-high adhesion to your rim, so it’ll always stay in place. We’ve engineered it to have just the right amount of stretch to make it easy to maintain tension for a tight application of tape and to fit perfectly into the contour of your rim. Our Tubeless Rim Tape has been developed so it’ll bond to a massive range of materials including aluminium and carbon rims, but despite being super sticky, it doesn’t leave a horrible residue when you remove it!

How does it create such a good airtight seal?
It’s all thanks to the acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. This makes sure that once the tape is stuck down, it isn’t going anywhere, so no air can get underneath the seal. To help create this seal we also have our logo printed to act as a cutting guide for a 45-degree angle, because a diagonal edge helps stick the tape down at the overlap and stops air bubbles, while also preventing the tape from peeling. And to finish everything off, we include seal patches which create the perfect finishing join where the tape overlaps.

What are the technical properties that make our Rim Tape so strong?
Our proprietary acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive is laminated to the PET top layer, giving incredible shear strength properties and tensile strength, while also remaining lightweight. We tested over 45 different samples, before finally reaching the finished product which ticked all the boxes to create the perfect tubeless rim tape. It’s stronger than Godzilla and able to handle more pressure than Airwolf! All because of its lasting airtight seal and the ability to withstand any chemicals in tubeless sealants. It also develops a stronger bond to the surface than traditional tapes and can resist much higher and lower temperatures – so you can be confident that whatever you throw at it, it’s up to the challenge.


How long does our Rim Tape last?

We put tested our Rim Tape extensively and some of our riders are still shredding on the pre-production versions since the launch at the end of 2019! The tape will easily outlast your tyres if it’s installed correctly and not damaged by anything like spoke punctures. As always, we recommend that you give your tape a check-up every now and again when topping up or changing your sealant. But barring any damage to the tape, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last the life of your wheels – now that’s good value for money!

Is there anything else that makes our Rim Tape better than household alternatives?
It’s got no problem holding the super high PSI pressures needed for road bikes, where household items like electrical tape will only leave you with a wheel that leaks air, and nobody wants that! Our tape was developed from the ground up to be the raddest tubeless tape around, one that you can install and forget about, meaning less time pumping up your tyres and more time shredding!

That’s all we’ve got time for in this edition of Tech Tuesday, but drop back soon for more! In the meantime, get yourself the best rim tape around here – you’ll thank us later…