Introducing our All-New and Improved Tubeless Valves

Tech Tuesday has arrived. Our regular feature where we get down and dirty on giving you all the insider knowledge on a load of different Muc-Off products. This week, we're taking a look at our all-new Tubeless Valves – the newest addition to our epic tubeless range.

At Muc-Off, we hate punctures! That's why we set about to create the most bangin' tubeless range around, complete with kits, sealant and even BAM! – our reinflating sealant and air combo can. But we never want to stand still, so we looked at how we could make our valves even better and more effective for our riders. 

First up, why go tubeless?

In one word, reliability. You can forget about punctures when you swap to a tubeless set up. Running tubeless means you're a lot less likely to lose air from your tyres, no matter how gnarly the terrain. That’s because any holes that form are filled with sealant, so you can keep the shred going all day long!

What's the deal with the new valves?

The V1 Tubeless Valves were good, but the riding world moves fast. After some rider feedback, we decided it was time to create a tubeless valve that could be used with tyre inserts. What are tyre inserts, you ask? Well, they offer 'tyre suspension' through a foam insert that provides extra protection to your rim when you're taking on sharp rocks and roots. The new and improved Tubeless Valves now have 6 machined slots to allow sealant and air to make its way around the rim and tyre insert during set up. Bringing new levels of reliability to all shredders, so you can push even harder without the fear of a puncture!

But that's not all. As we've gone one step further to creating the perfect tubeless valve by using even better materials. Long gone is the 6061 aluminium, now it's all about the aircraft grade 7075 aluminium! This has created an even stronger, lighter valve. The material and machined base design change has shaved off two grams per pair, which is a 17% weight saving over the V1 valves – one for all your marginal gains fanatics!

There are of course 10 eye-popping anodised colours so you can choose your style, but for us (the tech nerds) we’re more stoked about the epic innovation we've managed to bring once again to MTB, road and gravel riders!

Grab yourself some fresh Tubeless Valves and experience the future of tubeless! And if you need a full tubeless set up, we've got you covered too. Then get ready to ride all day long with absolutely no interruptions, just the way it should be.