Following the COVID-19 pandemic the government have recommended that instead of using over-crowded public transport, people should use cycling or walking as a means of getting to work. £2 billion pounds has been invested by the government to focus on improving road infrastructure to make it safer for cyclists, so it’s soon to be safer than ever to get out on two wheels.

Cycling is good for your physical and mental health. And now more than ever it’s important for people to take care of their wellbeing. A daily bike ride is a great way to get exercise and help the planet too!

If you’re a new cyclist or commuter, there may be a few things you haven’t thought of. So we’ve put together six top tips to help make your commute a breeze.

Know your route

If you’re new to commuting by bike, you’re likely take one or two wrong turns as you try and work out your route. We all want to work out the quickest and safest route to the office so we don’t turn up late. That’s where Strava and Kamoot come in handy. Using one of these simple route planners will enable you to find the quickest route and any short cuts you never knew about!

Wear the correct clothing

Having the right clothes for the job will ensure you have a comfy, light and breathable commute to work. Our Technical Apparel range and Riders Gloves will do just the job!

Carry the essentials in your bag

While some employers offer shower facilities, many still don’t. This doesn’t mean you can’t bike to work though. Carrying our Antibacterial Dry Shower in your bag will keep you freshened up without having to use water before you head over to your desk for the day.

Prevent any rattles and squeaks

The last thing you want is a noisy chain and bike when riding to work. There’s an easy way to prevent any rattles and squeaks from happening. Firstly, you’ll need to clean your chain properly with our Bio Chain Cleaner and Claw Brush, getting rid of any unwanted grease and grime. Once its clean and dry, you’ll then need to lube it up with our Bio Dry Lube. Apply a little bit of lube to each link by running it underneath the chain, back pedalling at the same time. Then remember to wipe off any excess lube with our Microfibre Cloth. Lastly, you’ll need to some MO-94 on those squeaking parts. Spray it onto any metal and moving parts and there you have it, a rattle and squeak free commute to work!

Watch out for potholes

With over 900,00 potholes reported on our roads in the UK, they’re definitely a common daily nuisance. As much as we all want to miss them on our commute, the likely hood of you encountering one when you’re riding a new route is fairly high. Before you set off in the morning, be sure to strap our BAM! on to your frame with our BAM! belt. This is the perfect product for an emergency back-up if you get a puncture from a pesky pothole.

Where to lock-up

 If you can store your bike inside it’s definitely the best way of keeping it safe. However, if you need to leave your bike outside, you’ll need to make sure it is locked up to a good bike stand that’s attached to the ground. Make sure the frame is locked up first, and then you can think about securing the wheels second.