Are your tyres worn out, full of holes or do you just fancy a change? This guide will help you take off your old tyre and fit a new one in no time! 

What you'll need:

Remove your tyre:

Step 1: Deflate your tyre - This will involve removing your valve cap and pressing on the valve. For Presta valves you will need to unscrew the nipple of the valve. For Schrader a screwdriver or tyre lever can be used to press gently on the nipple in the valve body.

Step 2: Remove your wheel from your bike - This might be as simple as undoing the quick release, or it might involve a hex key or spanner for bolt through designs.

Step 3: Pinch the tyre in to the bed of the rim - This is a step people often miss! Pull the tyre towards the centre of the rim, there is an indent where the tyre will feel slightly looser, making it easier to get off.

    Be aware with tubeless setups that sealant may leak out of the tyre at this stage!

    Step 4: Pop the bead of the tyre over the rim - Using our Rim Stix Tyre Levers means you won’t scratch or damage your rims!

    Step 5: Remove the whole tyre - Once you have removed one side of the tyre the other side should be easy, just pull gently at one point on the tyre until it pops off the rim.

      Fitting a new tyre:

      Now is the time if you are looking to fit our Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit check out our how to go tubeless guide here!

      Step 1: Fit the first side of the tyre - this side will go on easy! Start at one point and slide it round until the whole tyre bead is in the rim.

        Step 2: Fit your inner tube - Pumping a bit of air into the inner tube first will make it easier to fit, you can then pop it into the tyre.

        Step 3: Fit the second side of the tyre - The second side might be a bit trickier to fit, once you are most of the way on the tyre may feel too tight to fit on the rest of the rim! Our Rim Stix Tyre Levers can help again here.

          Pro tip! If you are struggling to fit this side of the tyre, try pinching the bead into the middle of the rim like you did in step 3 of removing it!

          Step 4: Re-fit your wheel - fit your wheel back onto your bike, just like taking it off but in reverse.

            Bonus step! Add our Inner Tube Sealant into your inner tubes for ultimate protection! 

            Step 5: Pump it up - You are almost there! Pump up the tyre until the bead is even around the whole rim.

              Step 6: Go Shred! 🤘