Why should I lube my bike chain? 

  • To keep gears working smoothly and efficiently
  • To prevent corrosion
  • To keep the chain running quietly
  • To make both the chain and cassette last longer

What will I need? 

Step 1: Clean

The first step is ensuring that you are applying lube to a clean chain. This is important to ensure you are not putting lube on top of grit and dirt that may cause premature wear on your chain and gears; it is also important as not all lubes can be used together!

Step 2: Apply

The easiest way to apply is on the lower half of the chain on the inside, hold the bottle so that the pipette is just above the chain and squeeze one drop per link. To move the chain along, hold on to the pedal and rotate it backwards! Once you have done the whole inside of the chain cycle the drivetrain backwards a few times to allow the lube to penetrate into links of the chain.

Step 3: Wipe

Now you need to wipe off the excess lube, use one of our Microfibre Cloths to lightly hold the chain whilst you backpedal until the whole chain has passed through the cloth. Now you're ready to shred!

Still not sure? Watch Chopper show you how it's done...

This handy how to video shows you how to apply wet lube, but you should follow the same process for all our lubes!


Unsure which lube to go for? 

Need help picking which lube is best for you and your bike? Check out our guide on that here!