We’re back again with another edition of Tech Tuesday. This week we’re looking into how our Bio Drivetrain Cleaner is so damn good at getting rid of grime, yet it’s still biodegradable – it’s all kinds of rad wrapped into one easy to use spray bottle.

What makes it so tough on grease, dirt and other contaminants, yet still biodegradable?

Our Bio Drivetrain Cleaner formula was developed to easily remove chain lube, wax residue, grease and other rubbish you don’t want like dirt from your chain rings, rear cassette and derailleur. Because of this super powerful formula, it cleans your entire drivetrain in seconds to be ready for a fresh application of lube (Muc-Off, of course).

While making it quick to remove grime and dirt, we also wanted to design it to be environmentally friendly. So our in-house team of experts worked hard on formulating a solution based around organic solvents, detergents and emulsifiers. We wanted to break the mould from the traditional solvent based degreasers that are formulated around paraffins and kerosenes, as these often have a high aromatic content, which is harmful to aquatic life and even humans – nobody wants that!

The solvents chosen for this formula have been highly refined and have a high flash point. This takes them outside of the flammable category, so they’re safer to use than others.

We’re a company which is mindful of our environmental responsibilities. So the development of this product involved the selection and use of components which would meet OECD criteria for biodegradability, and we can confidently say that our Bio Drivetrain Cleaner is readily biodegradable.

But that’s not all we do for the environment.

We also encourage the use of our Bio Drivetrain Cleaner enclosed in our X-3 Dirty Chain Machine, which limits contact of the liquid and its contaminants to the environment after cleaning. Contaminants can be poured out of the X-3 chain cleaning machine onto an absorbent material, which allows for an easy and safe disposal.

We’re always looking to develop alternative cleaning and degreasing products which are based on plant derived ingredients, for customers wishing to be even more environmentally conscious. Watch this space for new ways to clean your machine, that won’t harm our precious planet.