Welcome to our brand-new feature: Tech Tuesdays!

It's simple: you have questions, we have answers... As the name suggests, we’ll be diving further into the technical features of some of your favourite products and this week, we're kicking things off with our test-winning No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Sealant.

What makes ours so good at sealing both small and big sized holes? There are two elements to this answer.

1. Recycled tyres

We use recycled rubber particles (made from recycled tyres) in the liquid to help seal the larger punctures. They help to seal the larger holes and intertwine to form a permanent, high strength seal.

2. Coat and cling

Our advanced formula was developed to coat and cling to the inside of the tyre to give immediate sealing properties. This is unlike other sealants, which rely on the excess floating around inside the tyre – this method takes time for the sealant to rotate to and find the hole, which can lead to further loss in pressure.

This is why our ‘No Puncture’ seals so quickly and effectively. Not only that, but the coating also helps with the initial rim-to-bead seal.


We are proud to say that our Tubeless Sealant is eco-friendly and non-toxic or hazardous (some other sealant brands use hazardous formulas).

Our formula contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide; and is ‘third-party tested and accredited’ as carbon positive because it makes tyres last longer (in terms of sealing and conditioning tyres).

It’s also easy to clean out of the tyre after use, so you can easily recycle the tyre. This isn’t possible with many other sealants on the market, hence why the majority of other tyres end up in landfill.

If this isn't enough to convert you, then our Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit sure will! It's got all you need to make the tubeless conversion process as easy as 123: 1. Tape your rims, 2. Install your valves and 3. Fill your tyres up with sealant!