The Green Snow Collective is, like the name suggests, a collective of young downhill riders hailing from the UK. At just 15 years old, Luis Bolwell, Lucas Craik and Luca Thurlow have come together to do one thing:

“Inspire young riders to be the best version of themselves, both on and off the bike.”

Naturally, with such mission comes great responsibility; and whilst the boys are doing an amazing job at being all-round role models for the up-and-coming groms, they still have lots to learn about being legit pro riders.

As one of their main team sponsors and closest brand partners, we decided to chip in on shaping the future of these three shredders, putting together the first-ever Muc-Off Boot Camp. Who else was there to pick but our longest-serving rider?

Now Ben Deakin, aka Deakinator, aka Mr OiOi, is famous for his comical antics (who could ever forget #RollIt), but when it came to introducing the world of Muc-Off to the new kids on the block, the former Royal Marine Commando took on a slightly different approach.

How do you get three 15-year-olds to take their appearances seriously? Drill’em.

How do you get three relaxed teenagers to take their kit seriously? Drill’em.

How do you get three young shredders to look after their bikes properly? Teach’em.

“Clean! Protect! Lube! It’s pretty simple, guys” said Drill Sergeant Deakin.

In this epic Muc-Off production, Deakinator puts his 18 years of experience as a pro Muc-Off athlete to good use and helps the Green Snow Collective lads grow from boys to men.

Did it work? Debatable… but did they shred? Hell yeah they did.